Becoming a Celebrity Agent: Rags to Riches (Part 4)

Imagine this. We step into the penthouse office. It’s the definition of opulence- thick leather armchairs, dark mahogany desk, and the CEO behind it is dressed to the nine’s. Working with all the finest clients, and the highest commission rates, … Read More

Becoming a Celebrity Agent: The New Meaning Of the Word Monster (And How it Can Make You Money) Part 3

Fame. Money. Impact. Most people believe these things are earned by hard work, or good luck or maybe a bit of both. But, this is not the whole truth.   By battling your monsters, you’ll earn a career that gives … Read More

Becoming a Celebrity Agent: Story-Selling (Part 2)

As I leaned back in my soft leather chair, I took a minute to look out my spacious office window. The best-seller awards on the wall are nothing compared to feeling of accomplishment- I own this business.  Not the other … Read More

Becoming a Celebrity Agent: Tell Your Story (Part 1)

There’s a blueprint for everything. There is a blueprint for how to build a house… for getting to outer space…. and becoming a celebrity agent. Building a celebrity brand is a lot like building a home. It all starts with … Read More

The Top 4 Videos You Should Watch Before EGS 2015

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The Celebrity Interview Series: Frank Kern

The Truth About Marketing Marketing is hard, yet everyone thinks they know how to do it. The difference between those who think they know, and the ones that truly do, is the difference between mediocre results that diminish over time … Read More

The Guide to Breaking Through The Limiting Beliefs That Are Controlling Your Life

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The 6 Stages of Recruiting & Hiring Your First Inside Sales Agent

Summary: Hiring Your First ISA with Brian Moses Stage #1: Determine the Need: How do you know you need an  ISA? You are doing somewhere between 80 and 160 transactions. You’re generating leads on a consistent basis, your biggest problem … Read More