Expert Advisor™ Tearsheet


The Expert Advisor™ Tear Sheet is a must-have marketing addition for any Real Estate Expert Advisor™. This pertinent sales tool is only available to Certified Home Selling Advisors™, and will enable you, as the Expert, to establish your credibility with potential home sellers and buyers before ever meeting them face to face. Remember, “Money Moves to Difference, Not Similarity.” These marketing pieces will highlight you as a top notch professional, and significantly increase your credibility with both potential and current clients.

The inside copy of the Tearsheet portrays you as an Expert Advisor, who can sell your potential customers’ homes for up to 18% more. All copy is complete; the only personalized area is in the gray box on the right side which is where your contact information will be featured.

Proven and tested design

  • Why reinvent the wheel? Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in market testing, marketing data analytics and trial and error — not to mention the vast amount of time — when we have done it for you? This tearsheet is the exact same tearsheet that Jay and Michael use in their real estate brokerage. We have already spent the time and money on research. And guess what? They work!

The key to branding

  • As with any business, customer engagement is the “secret sauce” that keeps clients satisfied and coming back time after time. It is also the primary way to coax the shy or reluctant customers out of their shell to spend their time and money on you. Why? Because building rapport builds trust. And, there is nothing that helps build rapport better than our customized tearsheet.

Gain the edge you need

  • The Expert Advisor Tearsheet is professionally designed by a with an emphasis on maximizing and utilizing psychological marketing standards. Use this tearsheet to define your unique selling proposition, set yourself apart from the pack of average frustrated agents and continually brand yourself and your business as the expert.


What do I need to send in?

You will need to submit a total of THREE pictures:
– Cover Picture
– Inside left picture
– Inside right picture

Pictures work best if they are all different.

For the Tearsheet Cover Picture – We mainly focus on you, but it is nice to have a background that helps out with professionalism (inside your office is popular choice, outdoor shots are also nice if you have some beautiful scenery around.) Also, we recommend a professional take the cover picture for the highest quality possible (300dpi) and no smaller than 9″x12″. You will not be dropped into a background.

Tearsheet Inside Pictures (2) – These can be pictures anywhere from selling a home and posing with the owner, posing with clients, or showing an accomplishment (such as being on a tv show, etc). Or you could even show the interior of some homes. As long as they are high quality (300 dpi) and not blurry, they won’t need to be professional pictures. The size of these pictures should not be smaller than 5″x5″. You may submit two horizontal pictures, or one horizontal and one vertical. *Template does not allow for two vertical pictures.

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Need Ideas?

What are my pricing options?

Quantity Pricing
Art Work Setup Fee (one-time/change images) $150
100 $215
250 $475
500 $835
1000 $1,115
2500 $2,315
5000 $4,405

Are you ready to crush your market?

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