Take all the Guesswork out of Growing Your Business

Customized one on one coaching to help you get more customers, install systems and processes, and build a rock star team, so you can grow your real estate business and have a higher quality of life. 

 By application only 

Customized Plan 

Exponential Growth Strategy 

We will get clear on…...  

  • Your vision & goals
  • Where you are now
  • Opportunities you can immediately exploit
  • Ways to improve your business model
  • Doing the right things in the right order  

So you know exactly what to do to, RIGHT NOW, grow your business fast  

Marketing Strategy 

Celebrity Branding  

We develop your marketing strategy that will….  

  • Position you as the “go-to” agent in your market
  • Include customized marketing strategies for getting listings 
  • Utilize proven online and offline approaches that get the phone to ring  

So you can dominate your market neighborhood by neighborhood, niche by niche .  


Done for you  

Systems & Processes  

We will help you get leverage by…..  

  • Implementing critical systems & processes
  • Getting non-productive things off your plate for good
  • Integrating management and leadership systems so your team gets the right things done daily  

So you can build a business they works harder for you than you do for it.  



Jeff Cook

Charleston S.C. 

Went from 50 transactions to 310. Jeff is now closing over 800 homes a year still taking more time for himself. Jeff is now married with two children.  

Why some agents get more customers, make more money, and grow their business fast and others don’t.

Here’s the problem facing most real estate agents these days.  

 Every day thousands of agents spend millions of dollars on ads, marketing campaigns, and “leads” hoping to reach people that are ready to buy or sell a home now so they can turn them into customers. For most, it won’t happen.  

On top of that, these same agents are working 10-12 hour days, working through weekends, and often missing out on important family time, kids events, and even canceling vacation plans.  

They’ll end up wasting their money and time on yet another tactic that doesn’t work out.  

So why is it that most real estate agents marketing efforts fail?  

They don’t have clarity on exactly what to do in what order. They are missing the right marketing strategy that attract clients, positions them as the “GO-TO” agent, and the systems and processes that allows them to get low dollar per hour activities off of their plate.  

If you aren’t achieving the results you want then you simply haven’t learned something yet.  

Here is what we know:  

  • You’ll never make a million dollars a year doing $10/hour work so you have to get things off your plate.
  • You have to become a masterful marketer so you generate high quality leads from multiple sources. 
  • If you can’t differentiate yourself from the other agents in your market you will never be able to “attract business” and you’ll always be chasing it. 
  • You should have multiple systems and processes in place that systematically generate referrals from your sphere and past clients. 
  • You can’t build a business by working harder and harder IN your business. You have to take time to work ON the business. 
  • There are key hires you must make to build and grow a profitable business
  • There are critical systems & processes that support exponential growth that must be installed or your business will take over your life. 
  • There are over 25 critical leverage points in your business that aren’t currently working to maximum that could double or even triple your results without spending a dime. 
  • Bottom line is that you have more opportunity than you know how to sort through and prioritize and you need our guidance to help you do the right things in the right order 

That’s why agents that are hungry for growth, humble enough to be coached, and smart enough to be held accountable come to us to get results.  

Here’s how we do it...  

Tracy Cousineau & Jason Williford 

Atlanta GA

Jason and Tracy are the epitome of what we embody. They came to one of our events in 2013 and have grown from under 40 transactions annually to over 800 and growing.  


Here’s how we do it: Introducing Expert Advisor Coaching:

Expert Advisor Coaching™ is based on a methodology. A methodology we’ve developed by analysing the principles that govern growth at every stage of your real estate business. Think of it as a body of rules applied to how you operate and make decisions in your business.  

While there are many different tactics that you can execute to grow your business it’s the overall strategy that determines how fast or slow your business will grow. We’ve discovered that when you do the right things in the right order you can grow exponentially.  

The Exponential Growth Strategy™ is our proprietary approach to opening the hood of your business and looking for hidden assets, overlooked opportunities, underperforming activities, undervalued relationships, underutilized distribution channels, untapped selling systems, and little known marketing approaches that can maximize what you are already doing. Before we engineer new breakthroughs in your business you must first optimize what you are already doing.  

You can’t optimize what you are already doing until and unless you understand all of the ways to you could be operating to grow your business. That’s why having the perspective of a coach, specifically a coach that is utilizing our methodology that is proven to get results, is critical to helping you see what you don’t see.  

Imagine having seen literally 100’s of businesses under the hood with most of them operating in the $1 million in GCI or more range. What kind of insights we can provide to you that will save you thousands of dollars in mistakes and years of time from setbacks.  

 Here’s what you can expect if you’re accepted into Expert Advisor Coaching.  

  • Clarity :: What you should be doing, why you should be doing it and how it fits into accomplishing your short term and long term goals.  
  • Strategy :: The “Right things in the Right order” decision making process so you are always executing the tactics that give you the most leverage.  
  • Lead Generation :: Learn what marketing systems to deploy in your business and access to proven marketing that gets results so you know every investment you make will get results.  
  • Positioning :: As a coaching client you get membership in NAEA and all our our “Done for you marketing” so you can become the go-to agent of choice in your real estate market by attracting instead of chasing business. (Buyer and seller presentations, white papers, lead magnets, videos, listing presentation & buyer presentation)  
  • Build a team :: Learn how to hire, manage, and lead the best people with clarity on what roles and responsibilities each person should have, how to get things off your plate, and how to conquer the chaos so you can have a business and a life.  
  • Systems and Processes :: Since we own and operate multiple 7th level brokerages we have documented all the systems and processes for every core area of the business so you’ll never have to figure it out on your own again.  
  • Profit :: Utilize our proprietary financial model to run your business like a business with a focus on increasing your bottom line while managing your investments as a fast growth business.  
  • Sustainability :: This has become one the most important areas of focus for our clients and expect to be challenged and pushed to build something that can stand with or without you as the primary contributor.  

Carlos German

Miami FL 

Carlos was working 60-70 hours a week closing 37 transactions annually when he joined coaching and will close over 185 transactions this year.  


Our Core Philosophy

When you build a business that is based on adding value to people's lives you get the benefit of living a much more fulfilled and enriched life and the byproduct is making more money.  

You are capable of much more than you are currently achieving and this journey of growing your business will be more about learning who you have to become than it will learning tactics and ideas to grow your business.  

Once you’ve clearly grasped what your business is all about and why it matters to your customers you must adopt an “optimization mindset”. That means you will never allow your business to operate at less than it is capabilities. You have to commit to the pursuit of greatness in all areas of your life and your business.  

Once you’ve adopted this mindset you must focus on delivering a fanatical client experience that “wows” your clients and truly differentiates you from all other competitors in your market. You must lead by being the most knowledgeable expert in the market and be committed to becoming known for your incredible experiences and become your markets most trusted advisor. Our vision for you is for you to become the only viable choice in your market as the most trusted - expert advisor. Having a business that systematically and consistently attracts a steady flow of clients who seek out your advice, happily pay your fee, and wish to retain your services if you would accept them as a client. That is the business we can help you create.  



Brett Jennings

San Jose CA  

Brett came to us closing around 25 transactions and found that our systems had all the pieces he was looking for and now closes over 200 million annually.  

Growth Guarantee

We believe the rent is due every month. That goes for you and for us. We do require a 12 month commitment as building your business doesn’t happen overnight. While many of our clients experience over 100% growth you are responsible for taking action. We can easily guarantee 25% growth over 12 months and anyone who doesn’t experience that we will coach for free until you do. *restrictions apply 

*Restrictions are simple. You show up to your coaching calls and do the work that is asked of you. If your results don’t show that you’ve grown a minimum of 25% we will coach you at no charge for an additional 6 months. That request must be made in writing and emailed directly to jay@jaykinder.com and printed and mailed to our office located at 7160 Research Frisco Tx. 75033 Suite 222 attn Jay Kinder. Once accepted you will have to sign an agreement for the six months coaching at no charge. Under no circumstances will any refunds be issued for any number of months paid.  

Proven Methodology

The proven methodology Jay Kinder & Michael Reese used to explode their businesses and used to accelerate the growth of 100’s of mega agents in the world. Most of them coming to us at 30-40 transactions and using our systems were able to grow to up to 600 transactions annually.  

Step by Step Instructions

We reverse engineer your plan from where you are today and work with you every step of the way so you never feel overwhelmed and you know you are always doing the right things in the right order. We help hold you accountable to your plans so you when it gets busy we are always there to remind you where to focus. 


  Done for you Systems & Processes 

We’ve already built all of the systems, processes, marketing, presentations, and training you need to build a multi-million dollar business you just need to swipe and deploy them for your business. Plus you get unlimited access to over 50 training videos, documented systems,, proven marketing campaigns and 100’s of supporting documents.  

You should apply for Expert Advisor Coaching if…...  

  • You’re hungry to be #1 in your market
  • You’re humble enough to know they don’t have it all figured out
  • You’re looking to grow personally and want to be challenged
  • You’re looking for a better way run your business
  • You’re looking to conquer the chaos in your business 
  • You’re looking to invest in marketing to get more listings
  • You’re building a team and want to own a business
  • You’re looking to step out of production and lead a team
  • You’re tired of your business model and want to be more profitable
  • You have a large business and want to get more out of what you are doing. 
  • You have a higher standard for yourself and know you could be doing more. 
  • You are frustrated with things that don’t work and just want a proven plan  

efunds be issued for any number of months paid.