Imagine this.

We step into the penthouse office.

It’s the definition of opulence- thick leather armchairs, dark mahogany desk, and the CEO behind it is dressed to the nine’s.

Working with all the finest clients, and the highest commission rates, in all the most exotic locations he cares for, the CEO shrugs modestly and says” “It hasn’t always been this way. I came from nothing. I knew I had to make it happen, and I did.”

Let’s be honest.

This kind of story is the reason most of agents get into real estate.

The uncapped earning potential and time freedom was undoubtedly an allure. And, this story is also your ace-in-the-hole to win over clients.
In the Celebrity Branding Secrets series, we have been rolling out the red carpet so you can rise to stars in your career.

Celebrity Branding Series:

  • Part 1. We built the foundation and structure of your empire by starting to tell your story.
  • Part 2. You stepped into the elevator to your penthouse career by gathering resources with story-selling.
  • Part 3. Use your proven plotlines to shape your penthouse office the way you like this is the sleek, dark, and modern with overcoming the monster.
  • Part 4: The second of the proven plotlines is the entrepreneur’s DREAM- Rags to Riches. (You are here!)

Proven Plots for Celebrity Branding: Rags to Riches

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Nick Nanton: From Scarface, Rocky, to Pretty Woman-  plot number 2 is Rags to Riches.  

Al Pacino was a broken Cuban immigrant who became a criminal kingpin. Rocky was a guy breaking the thumbs up deadbeats who owed mobsters when we get a shot at fighting the heavyweight champ. Julia Roberts was a woman of the evening, who suddenly became the toast of the town. 
Think Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. They were both college dropouts who went on to become business legends.

Everyone loves a great success story.

Sometimes they do even win Oscars.  You’ve seen Slumdog Millionaire. The appeal of this store is very evident.  

It’s a story of the entrepreneur’s dream.  

There’s no hope. You can come from absolutely nothing, and you can still get to the top.  You can do it!

Rags to riches is the sort of story that if success is earned, people applaud you for it.

So the bottom line is, if your audience feels you’ve overcome incredible odds, they’ll be in your corner forever.

Expert Advisor’s Note: We are using Micheal Reese as an example for real estate agents

When I first met Jay Kinder, I saw him across the lake in a massive speed boat. When I asked whose boat it was, “It’s mine!” His boat?! I realized I couldn’t even afford to put gas in the boat, yet less own the thing. “What do you do?” I asked, amazed. “I’m in real estate, ” Jay replied. That’s the day I got in real estate. Three years later, I made my first million in real estate following Jay’s example.

People say what you’re probably saying right now, tell me more, I want to know more, I want to learn more about this.  

And that, it’s on the way you tell that plot line.

Many agents, entrepreneurs, and professionals come from very humble beginnings, and it’s not something to be ashamed of. If you have this Rags to Riches come onto your story, you should use it.   You should use it.

You can’t control where you come from, just where you go. If you have it, use it.  Because if you went far, it’s impressive to an audience.  The greater the gap, the better the story is for your buyers and sellers.

And it doesn’t have to be that you came from nothing, it could be. There’s many ways to use it.

Key Take-Aways for Real Estate Agents:

#1. If your buyers and sellers feel like you’ve overcome incredible odds to get where you are, they’ll be in your corner forever.

#2. Rags to Riches is the entrepreneur’s dream. If you have this story, use it.

#3. The greater the gap, the better the story is for your buyers and sellers.

Rags to riches is that swanky office you can’t help but dream about, but there’s another style that keeps people coming back over and over again.


The Proven Plot That Keeps Clients Coming Back Over and Over

Kind of like kids to candy, this plotline will keep them coming back again and again and again. This plotline is perfect if you find the idea of building a brand to last for years or if you’ve been in the game for a long time.