As I leaned back in my soft leather chair, I took a minute to look out my spacious office window.
The best-seller awards on the wall are nothing compared to feeling of accomplishment- I own this business.  Not the other way around.
I work with the best clients, in the best markets, and work with the best people in the world.  If we want to hit the lake for a day, or take a flight to Saint Thomas, by God I can- no questions asked.

This is the penthouse real estate career. It doesn’t have to be JUST Jay Kinder’s- the CEO and Co-Founder of the National Association of Expert Advisors. It can be yours, too.

To get you to the top, we are unfurling your red carpet to real estate success in a series of posts unveiled by the CEO of the Celebrity Branding Agency, Nick Nanton. His dynamic training sparked the fire for hundreds of agents at last year’s Exponential Growth Summit.

Step into the elevator. It’s time to rise. While we rise, let me fill you in.

Penhouse Final Real Estate Agent

Celebrity Branding Series

Telling your story is just the foundation of your greatness.  Now, you need resources to build the penthouse career of your dreams. Because, telling any old story could be a clipping in a local paper. Or, your story could become a legend.

These kinds of stories sells your buyers and sellers for you. Nick Nanton calls this Story-Selling.

Creating a Celebrity Brand: Story-Selling


Why Stroy-Selling Sells Without Selling

Nick Nanton: Story Selling is an incredible branding tool.  

Throughout history, stories of from groups of people united to tell important ideas and created a shared history for us all to join.

Stories are a critical part of the human experience. Since the dawn of man, from cave drawings, to the greatest books of religion, and Fairy Tales- we’ve been telling stories. In some cases, they’re told and told, and told.

That’s how powerful stories are.  

Snow White is over two centuries old. In 2012 alone, there were two major motion pictures, and one primetime TV series based on the exact same story.

Why do certain ones like Snow White stand the test of time?  Why are they able to affect how we think? What does all this have to do with my business?

I know you’re asking this question, so we’re going to dig in.

You’ve heard about this. There is a left-side of the brain, right-side of the brain, right?  

The left side of the brain is a logical and rational.  The right side of the brain is creative, random and intuitive.

Stories appeal mostly to our what side?  
Most people think it’s the right side. But it’s really your left.  

Scientists say stories actually appeal to the left-side of our brain.

Here’s why:
Stories help us process information in a way we can understand. Therefore, we better enjoy it. The analytical side of the brain actually takes hold of the story.  

I’ll prove it.
Which would you rather do?
Read Scotland’s history or watch Mel Gibson kick ass as Brave Heart? Pretty simple.

The human brain loves the well-told story. Not pages and pages of facts. Stories make information instantly relevant because they INVOLVE us.
There is a theory for transportation when you’re reading a good book. They say you can’t see the words anymore.  The story is playing on your mind.  It’s the same if you  hear a good speaker. They’re telling a story, and you’re starting to feel it!

When you get transported in your mind, scientists proved the exact same chemicals that fired off in the writer, fire off in your brain as you listen. You start feeling like you are part of their story.  You start feeling the drama and the tension; that’s like Breaking Bad.  I tried watching it, but it was like I was pooping diamonds; I can’t do this like this is too intense.  I know they are actors but I just can’t do it.

The reason is scientific. There is a chemical called Oxytocin in your brain.  

This is not the one Rush Limbaugh got in trouble for.  This one is natural- it’s called oxytocin.  This is the love hormone in all of our bodies.  It enables romance, parental bonding, and most importantly- trust.  

Stories directly trigger oxytocin- thus, they are really powerful for persuasion. They make people chemically trust you.  The persuasion power of stories works on the logical side of our brain!

The bottom line is: whatever facts, messages, or values you want to convey, they’re best delivered by stories.

Your brand is simply telling your story.

A successful brand is nothing more than a story the public likes to hear over and over and over again.

Key Take-Aways for Real Estate Agents:

#1. Stories make people chemically trust you… the most important part of business.

#2. Stories help us logically process information. If you want a buyer or seller to understand what you offer, tell them a compelling story.

#3. Whatever facts, message and values, you want to convey, they’re best delivered by stories.  

Now we’ve laid the foundation with telling your story. We’ve risen to the top with story-selling. Next, we’ll be shaping your penthouse career to your liking. What of office would you like?

There is the sleek modern office, all black leather, and chrome. But, maybe you’re more of an old leather beaujoire lounge with fireplace and scotch glass kind of agent? There’s also the sunlit veranda and the wood paneled office with high-resolution photographs from your travels.  

There are many different kinds of stories to tell to take you to the stars. Each is unique and with a specific formula to execute.  

Proven Plotlines Used In Every Story Ever Told

In our next post, we’ll share with you the first of four proven plotlines used in ALL stories ever told- including best-selling novels, movies, and mega uber successful businesses.