Fame. Money. Impact.

Most people believe these things are earned by hard work, or good luck or maybe a bit of both. But, this is not the whole truth.  

By battling your monsters, you’ll earn a career that gives you EVERYTHING you want.

Nick Nanton, the CEO of the Celebrity Branding Agency, lit hundreds of real estate agents on fire at last year’s Exponential Growth Summit, a handful of whom faced their own monsters.

And they now are reaping the rewards. Stepping into the spotlight, they just returned from filming in sunny Florida.

In the Celebrity Branding Secret series, we are rolling out the red carpet for you to build the kind of career that gives you everything you want. We call this the Penthouse Career for agents.

Celebrity Branding Series:

  • Part 1. We built the foundation and structure of your empire by starting to tell your story.
  • Part 2. You stepped into the elevator to your penthouse career by gathering resources with story-selling.
  • Part 3. Use your proven plotlines to shape your penthouse office the way you like this is the sleek, dark, and modern with overcoming the monster (you are here!)

This proven plotline is the kind of story your audience CAN’T look away from.

Step this way.

Penhouse Final Real Estate Agent

Proven Plots for Celebrity Branding: Overcoming the Monster

Nick Nanton:

I’m going to dig in these four basic plots and show you examples of how you can use them in your story.  

These four basic plots repeat time and time again throughout human history. They best represent the human experience, and audiences are constantly drawn to these. These 4  proven plotlines will hit the primal nerve, creating an intense emotional connection to your clients.

Let’s start with the first basic plotlines. You’ve got Frankenstein, Alien, Darth Vader…

Plot Number 1: Overcoming the Monster

Those are some pretty obvious monsters, but there are other monsters that are not so obvious.  And we all have a personal monster in our own story.

We have monsters we have to overcome in our lives. By portraying that battle and showing how we courageously stop that monster, we do create a memorable branding scenario.

Some common monsters are poverty, brutal competitors, drug addiction, a marketplace that doesn’t understand how they’re getting screwed by the way other people doing it, much like your marketplace.  

I’m sure you all have some sort of a story uses the “overcoming the monster” component to make your heart beat faster.   

I’m going to show you a quick example.

Authors Note: We created a real estate example using Jay 😉

I was born into real estate, literally. My dad owned a Coldwell Banker in Lawton, Oklahoma. But when I got into the business myself, I had no idea how broken  it was.

I got to the #1 in Coldwell, but I worked like an animal to get there. To add fuel to the fire, the industry is being destroyed by average frustrated agents who don’t know what they’re doing- and working too dang hard at it.  I knew without a doubt, there has to be a better way.

With my business partner, Michael Reese, we  founded the National Association of Expert Advisors. We’re determined to change the entire industry of agents into professionals who make a real difference in client’s lives- ever since we’ve helped thousands of people.

So that took 90 seconds for me to connect you to Jay, right?   Most people think that’s not possible. In real estate, unfortunately, there is a huge difference between a professional like Jay and an average frustrated agent who ends up chasing clients all over town.

Jay’s “overcoming the monster” of the broken industry.  That’s the HUGE battle. The bigger and badder the monster is, the more people want to see you crush the monster.

The viewer can’t help but get caught up in overcoming the monster plot. The stakes are high, the outcomes are uncertain, and the conflict is epic.

Key Takeaways For Real Estate Agents:

#1. Viewers can’t help but be compelled by the Overcoming the Monster plot. The stakes are high, the outcomes are uncertain, and the conflict is epic. For example, Jay is taking on an entirely broken industry.

#2. The bigger and badder the monster is, the more people can’t look away.

#3. The “monster” can be how homeowners and sellers have no idea how they are getting the raw end of the deal by trying to do it on their own.

The Proven Plot Favored By Entrepreneurs For Building A Celebrity Brand

There is another proven plotline people are absolutely addicted to. You’ve heard it before, and no matter how many times it’s told, it continues to hit the best-sellers list and make history.

In our next post, we’ll dive into the swanky storyline favored by some of the most celebrated entrepreneurs of all time clients obsess over.