Rags To Riches Celebrity Real Estate Branding

Becoming a Celebrity Agent: Rags to Riches (Part 4)

Imagine this. We step into the penthouse office. It’s the definition of opulence- thick leather armchairs, dark mahogany desk, and the CEO behind it is dressed to the nine’s. Working with all the finest clients, and the highest commission rates, … Read More

Overcome the Monster to Build a Celebrity Brand

Becoming a Celebrity Agent: The New Meaning Of the Word Monster (And How it Can Make You Money) Part 3

Fame. Money. Impact. Most people believe these things are earned by hard work, or good luck or maybe a bit of both. But, this is not the whole truth.   By battling your monsters, you’ll earn a career that gives … Read More

StorySelling Celebrity Branding

Becoming a Celebrity Agent: Story-Selling (Part 2)

As I leaned back in my soft leather chair, I took a minute to look out my spacious office window. The best-seller awards on the wall are nothing compared to feeling of accomplishment- I own this business.  Not the other … Read More


Becoming a Celebrity Agent: Tell Your Story (Part 1)

There’s a blueprint for everything. There is a blueprint for how to build a house… for getting to outer space…. and becoming a celebrity agent. Building a celebrity brand is a lot like building a home. It all starts with … Read More

Michael Reese and Jay Kinder Hit Amazon Best-Seller List With “Top Dollar”

Michael Reese and Jay Kinder recently hit two Amazon best-seller lists with the new book, “Top Dollar”   Frisco, TX – July 16, 2015 – Michael Reese and Jay Kinder recently joined other leading Real Estate Experts from around the … Read More