It’s really funny…

There was an online job search site back in the early 2000s that portrayed job applicants all saying the same thing to their respective interviewers: “I’m a people person.” It was comical because all of the job seekers were saying the same thing…but many of them were likely not “people persons” in real life.

The fact of the matter is this: each position within your enterprise requires a certain personality trait and a specific set of skills. More specifically, what makes a great sales person doesn’t make so great of a transaction coordinator and what makes a great listing manager doesn’t make so great of an ISA.

The good news is that if you know what you’re looking for in a candidate for each spot on your roster, you’ll hire the right people and have a well-oiled machine that can handle as many sales as you can throw at it.

Here’s a brief overview of what personality types look like and how you would sift and sort them for the main positions in your real estate organization.

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Know How to Play the Game

I’m going to show you how the DISC test fits into each of the job roles of a real estate office.

But first…

There are scores of personality profiling programs out there and for the most part, they tell you the same thing: what someone is wired to do well and what someone is not wired to do well.

Are the results of these tests definitive in telling us how someone is going to perform in a given position?

Absolutely not.

That said, when paired with a good resume and a solid face-to-face interview, the personality profile will tell you much of what you need in making your decision.

It’s time to do your ABC’s (well sort of).

Here’s a quick breakdown of personality profiles using the DISC method:

D: Dominance – Someone who is a high D is very independent, entrepreneurial and pioneering. High D’s are often great at sales because they are active and outgoing. Sometimes, D’s can be very cold and controlling, so you have to make sure you see how big of an issue this is for them.

D’s are also very task oriented: give them a list of things to do and they’ll get it done. The D’s biggest fear is being taken advantage of, but they will push through this fear to get their goals accomplished.

I: Influence – I’s are very image conscious people. They are often impeccably manicured and carry themselves very well. I’s enjoy talking – about everything…including themselves. While I’s are easy to talk to and get along with, they like to avoid putting themselves in situations where conflict will arise.

To that end, they will avoid confrontation by not getting on the phone to make sales calls, asking for the sale when appropriate and even talk past the point of the sale. The I’s biggest fear is not being liked by other people. They are, however, great when they get face to face with prospects and clients.

S: Steadiness – S’s, as the word steadiness implies, are all about consistency. S personalities are often found to work in roles where they serve others: teachers, social workers and nurses often make the short list. S’s are fiercely loyal and have an amazing sense of fairness. They are utilitarian in their approach to most things in life and in general, have a strong affinity for family, friends and loved ones.

Because they have such a strong sense of equality and allegiance, they can also be huge grudge holders when things don’t work out in their favor – especially when they are told things will. S’s are amazing customer service people and are great at making sure they do what you ask them to do…especially if it means letting you down.

C: Conscientiousness – C’s, in other words are cautious and very concerned about everything they do. It’s not uncommon for them to measure 4 times before they cut. C-type personalities are very detailed and like having lists of things to do in order to make sure they get everything done. Your accountant is most likely a C as is the actuary at your insurance company and the lab technician who tested your last blood sample from your visit to the doctor.

C’s are very introverted and would much rather work on tasks and duties than have to deal with working with people. Sometimes, C personalities take longer than most of us to make decisions, but they rarely make a decision in haste. C’s are great at dotting I’s and crossing T’s to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.


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So what’s this all mean?

It’s simple; while there is no right or wrong, bad or good with any of these personality styles as they stand alone, there personalities that do better in certain positions on your team than others. Take a look at we believe are the best personality combinations for the main positions in any real estate company.

Remember, we are all not our personality profiles. To that end, some people with profiles that don’t match up with what we recommend may still be a good fit for the position. Again, only a good resume and interview – combined with the DISC – will reveal the best candidate.

Listing Agent: High D and I – You want someone who can carry on a great conversation, look good in front of the client and not be afraid to ask the tough questions and close when necessary.

Buyer Agent: High D and I or D and S – Again, you need someone who’s not afraid to ask hard questions and lead buyers to a conclusion that’s best for them.  I’s and S’s are both people oriented, so either can work. The S gets the edge because S’s are more oriented towards taking care of others and their needs. Sometimes there’s a misconception that you want this person to be an I/S only. Unfortunately, without a fairly high D, the high I/S might not do the activities required of a successful sales person for fear of hurting others’ feelings or having theirs hurt.

ISA: High D and I – Same story here; having someone in this position that can sell and be easy to talk to at the same time will serve you well in the ISA position. You’ll not want the D to be too high as you need this person to be willing and able to sit in one place for a decent amount of time and set appointments for you.

Listing and Transaction Coordinator: S and C – These are positions where you need reliable people who will do what you ask them to do – without being babysat – on a day-over-day basis. More importantly, you need people who will make sure that nothing falls through the cracks so you can continue what you need to do in driving sales. If you’re going to have your Listing or Transaction coordinators negotiate offers and home inspections respectively, then you’ll want them to have a little D and I in their personalities so that they can do what’s necessary over the phone on behalf of your clients.

Three Things to Consider

All relationships are predicated on the following three questions:

  1. Can they do the job? – Do their DISC and background work together to give you certainty that they’re wired properly and have the skill set to do what’s asked of them?
  2. Will they do the job? – When you tell them what the job entails, do they convince you that they’re willing to do everything required of the job?
  3. Are they a good team fit? – Would you want to work with this person every day?

We’re not looking for the best two out of three here…we want all three of these questions to be answered in detail, without a shadow of a doubt.

Anything less and  you’re putting yourself in position to fail before your new hire works one hour in your business.

Be sure to ask these three questions with every person you interview so you get the best results. Use the DISC test and a good interview strategy – we like the one offered by Chet Holmes in The Ultimate Sales Machine. Take the time to hire slowly and you should be able to build a team that works hard, lasts long and helps your business profit for years to come.

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