The Truth About Marketing

Marketing is hard, yet everyone thinks they know how to do it. The difference between those who think they know, and the ones that truly do, is the difference between mediocre results that diminish over time versus explosive, life changing results that continue to multiply in force.

Known as “The President of the Internet”, Frank Kern is quoted as saying “There is zero money in internet marketing.”

The fact of the matter is that marketing in and of itself does not produce any money. Only when something is sold.

Who Is Frank Kern?

After barely passing high school and a string of self-described “dead-end jobs”, Frank’s last job was as a door-to-door credit card machine salesman. He was continually getting rejected after cold calling and dived deeper into marketing and direct response.

Traditional advertising is the message of “we exist; buy our stuff.” Such as best selection, lowest prices. A direct response message requires the reader to make a response after reading the add. It is telling them to directly do something.

Now.. Frank Kern rarely does interviews, he flies around only in private jets, set an unbroken marketing sales record by making over $24, 000, 000 in 24 hours, and only works with the top 1% of business owners that meet his qualifications.