NAEA Success Story: Brett Jennings, Los Gatos, CA

NAEA member Brett Jennings talks about how he was inspired by the vision of building a real estate business but didn’t quite know what to do in what order.

Brett explains that he coached with another organization but it was “chaotic” and they only provided pieces of the puzzle but not the level of clarity that NAEA delivers down to what he needed to do on a day-to-day basis.

Brett attended his first Exponential Growth Summit (NAEA’s Annual Hosted Event) in 2010 where he signed up for Elite Coaching. At that time he was doing 25 Million in GCI, subsequently the following year accelerated to 44 Million and just 12 months later was doing 100 Million.

Brett explains that what you get with NAEA is a laser focus on your business from the overhead down to the micro level with the detail on the systems and day to day activities that you need to be successful.