So here’s the thing…

When you look at the top 90% of American’s wealth today comes from real estate, so real estate is always going to be a good investment. It has truly become one of the greatest assets you could ever own.

The old American dream: If you wanted to buy something new or move up to something better, all you had to do was call your friend who’s an agent who would do nothing more than bang a sign in the yard and the home would sell at the price that you both stumbled upon with no problems.

Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case. That old American dream has quickly become the new American nightmare.

So how do you extract your equity and keep your wealth in today’s economy? We’ll get to that shortly.

The Shocking Statistics

Shocking statistic: The average real estate agent only sells 7 homes per year.

What does this mean?

This means that the person that is giving their clients advice on what is typically the largest investment someone will ever make in their lifetime only has the experience of selling one home every other month.

Would you hire a stock broker that’s only done a handful of trades to manage your money?

Another shocking statistic: The average real estate agent only invests a couple of hundred dollars a month into their business. So when it comes to all of the exposure that a home seller needs and the marketing they need to get their home sold, there is only a small amount of money being invested into that process.

Yet another shocking statistic: The average real estate agent is only successful at selling a home 50% of the time. So in reality, you have just as much of a chance selling your home as you do flipping a coin.

So how do you break the cycle?

We’ll get to that in a second.

The National Association of Expert Advisors prides itself on the advice and specialized knowledge that it’s members have in order to give the best possible service to the consumer in their current situation so they don’t have to face the same challenges that are encountered with a traditional real estate agent.

The price of the home is elastic to the variables involved in the home selling process.

We’ve identified 80 of these variables that the Expert Advisor can pro-actively manage to sell the home for the most amount of money.

The Question That Get’s A YES 100% Of The Time

Imagine this…

Your sitting across the table from an Expert Advisor’s during a listing presentation and they hit you with this: “We use a Proven, Repeatable System Backed By Market Research To Sell You’re Home For Up To 18% More Than The Methods of Traditional Real Estate Agents, would you like to hear more about how we do that?”

Let’s be real. The answer is…let’s say it together…YES.

The 7 Laws

There are seven laws that we have identified that will provide maximum value to your clients. These seven laws are outlined on the Certified Home Selling Advisor Listing Presentation that is provided to members of the association. (shown below)

chsa display

The 7 Laws You Must Obey To DOMINATE In Today’s Market

  • Law #1: The Law of Expert Advice

    • When someone is getting advice about the largest investment in their lifetime, they want to know they are working with someone that has the training, specialize knowledge anId experience of giving advice to homeowners in today’s market. The Certified Expert Advisor
  • Law #2: The Law of Differentiation

    • In a market where there is a sea of home for sale, how do you differentiate your home from the sea of other homes? How can it be staged differently? Have the home inspection done ahead of time to eliminate anything that may attract a low offer. Certified Expert Advisors know how to create a defining gap between their clients homes and homes listed by an average real estate agent.
  • Law #3: The Law of Exposure “Proven Marketing”

    • This is the process of determining where we need to maximize the homes exposre in order to attract high offers. Expert Advisors know how to get the home in front of qualified home buyers. Certified Expert Advisors know how to maximize the marketing dollars to get a home sold at the top of the market.
  • Law #4: The Law of Buyer Attraction

    • Certified Expert Advisors have proven systems for attracting qualified buyers to their properties.
  • Law #5: The Law of Cooperation

    • 60% of home sales come from other agents or brokerages. Certified Expert Advisors know how to strategically position properties in front of other agents who are already working with buyers.
  • Law #6: The Law of Negotiation

    • 90% of your negotiation power is lost once you have the offer. Certified Expert Advisors have a system for preemptively attracting the highest possible offer.
  • Law #7: The Law of Execution

    • When it comes down to the 80 different variables involved in selling your home, it’s very difficult for one person to be able to do each one of them and do them well. Certified Expert Advisors have a system for executing all of these variables and manage them throughout the sales process…which ultimately allows them to sell the home for up to 18% more than the methods of average real estate agents.

Are You Committed To Providing The Most Value For Your Clients?

If you manage these 80 variables and obey these 7 laws, you can help your clients achieve the American Dream.

The new American dream is maximizing your homes value in the home selling process by hiring a Certified Home Selling Advisor. Are you ready to deliver maximum value to your clients?