NAEA Success Story: Jeff Cook, Charleston, SC

This Nearly Bankrupt Realtor Reveals “One Idea” He Used To Turn His
Business Around And Sell 648 Homes In Less Than 48 Months!

Jeff Cook joined the National Association of Expert Advisors and learned how to grow a stable, predictable, and trending business. A true business, one that works harder for him, than he does for it! He is proof that when you take the right steps, in the right order you can profitably sell hundreds of homes a year, while taking a week off from your business every month!

Listen to this true short story about how Jeff went from near bankruptcy to a business breakthrough, and what he got as a member of NAEA Elite Coaching…

  • • He got scalable systems that worked, even when he didn’t
  • • He uncovered the hidden opportunities buried in his market
  • • He started attracting all the business he could handle and stopped chasing it
  • • He became recognized as his market’s #1 real estate expert and authority
  • • He discovered how to generate all the leads he and his team could ever need
  • • He gained the confidence and control he always wanted over his life and business
  • • He felt great everyday about what he did and why he did it
  • • He got clarity and visibility to make the right choices in the right order
  • • …and much more

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Ready to take your business to the next level?The National Association of Expert Advisors provides you clarity in your goals and how to achieve them, differentiation in your market and exponential growth in your business.Are you ready to see if you are qualified to be a part of the preeminent choice in real estate membership & coaching?

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