Lucy Woodard has been with NAEA for the past five years. She sits down to talk with John White about the changes she has seen during that time.

JW: So Lucy, I know you’ve been with NAEA for a good while. How long has that been? I’d imagine you have an interesting perspective.

LW: I’ve been here for the past five years. It’s been incredible to see the growth that NAEA has undergone during that time. Jay and Mike really push the envelope with their leadership, working to meet the needs of NAEA members as well as those of NAEA team members.

JW: You mean, how they’ve gone from just coaching to delivering a comprehensive business in a box?

LW: Well, they’ve tried to push a strategy that will set them apart; you know, differentiation. There are a lot of big companies looking to tap into real estate. The vision Mike and Jay hold is of the kind of personalized experience in real estate, so potential homebuyers and sellers will want to look for super knowledgeable real estate agents who act as fiduciaries, not faceless companies that can make them fast financial offers.

JW: And you have occupied a few positions since you’ve been with NAEA?

LW: I started in marketing, but then moved to Member Experience. In 2016 I joined the just-then-recently assembled Product Department. Now I’m a project manager, working on fulfillment.

JW:  So what are your days like now?

LW: Full and busy, I imagine, probably not very different from a very productive real estate agent. I work on both what is new and what is currently in the works for new members. We are trying to optimize our product offerings. I also work a lot on paying attention to and analyzing feedback.

JW: So optimally, where do you see Product moving in another year?

LW: Quite honestly, that depends on what our members tell us. I want to do what they would like to see happen. NAEA’s pace of development is way faster than it used to be, and we are careful to pay attention to our members.