Jenn Holub’s position in Sales gives her a unique perspective on what the real estate industry looks like to agents. She sits down with John White to talk about disruption in the industry and NAEA’s ICP (ideal client profile). 

JW: So, Jenn, good morning. How long have you been with NAEA? You’ve seen a lot of change in the last year, right?

JH: I’ve been here over two and a half years. Yes, in the past year, we’ve really been getting into data, so we’ve gone from coaching to technology. It’s really part of our strategy to undo the damage that’s been done to the industry.

JW: Can you say a little more about that?

JH: Well, the industry has been hit from two sides. On the one hand, there have been the hobbyists, you know, the part-time AFAs who lack both knowledge and professionalism, and tend to give the entire industry a poor reputation in the eyes of the public. On the other, there has been plenty of disruption to the industry by outsiders who have lots of money and make great use of the internet. Those companies are trying to eliminate the need for real estate agents.

JW: So you’re looking at this from a sales perspective.

JH: Right, this is why it’s important for our ICP to really understand and share our philosophy of business. We need our ICP to see the importance of saving this profession and to be onboard with the idea that together, we can improve the public opinion of the real estate agent. Those companies may offer to do things cheaper for potential homebuyers and sellers. But they don’t offer those people the kind of value we see Expert Advisors offering. We are trying to save the real estate agent, as a profession, from going the way of the travel agent.

JW: Thank you, Jenn. I’m glad you said that. Do you have any other words of advice for potential NAEA members?

JH: Yes, we want to see our members successfully grow their businesses. Now, although I just described the situation of the real estate agent with some urgency, it’s also important to remember that getting started is a process. Hardly anything happens overnight in this industry. New member onboarding does take time, and it will take time to get them accustomed to our CRM, our online resources, to get them data, and so forth. But once it does, if they follow the processes, they’ll be happy with their ROI.

JW: Jenn, again, thank you. Keep adding value.

JH: You’re welcome. Thanks for talking with me.