JW: So, Lauren, how long have you been with NAEA? What do you do?

LL: I’ve been with NAEA almost a year and a half, and I am Vice President of Product. Within my role, I am responsible for our product offerings to our clients – both fulfilling and servicing them – to ensure their success as they grow their business. I love the opportunities to talk with our clients and answer their questions, while also helping to shape our product roadmap and the future releases and offerings.

JW: During that time, NAEA has made several pivots. How have those changes impacted you and what you do, I mean, given your position?

LL: All the changes and pivots are very exciting for me as VP of Product. Every time we make a change, it’s with the intention and goal of best serving our clients. Each release of new features and technology solves a need for our clients, and I enjoy diving in to fully understand the problem or pain and then determining how we can best solve it. We’re always testing our own assumptions and products in order to make constant improvements, and as a result of these learnings we continue to evolve as a company. Part of what makes real estate exciting is that things are usually changing – it’s the nature of the housing market. And we will continue to change, too, to stay up with the needs of our members. We love hearing their feedback and we work hard to exceed expectations with every experience.

JW: That’s awesome. So currently, as VP of Product, you’re running one of the largest teams at NAEA. What all falls under your direction?

LL: One of the advantages to working within our Product team is that we have several components needed to best serve our clients. No two days look the same, and there’s an exciting challenge and project always going on. Within our Product team, we are responsible for onboarding new clients, fulfillment of services, coaching, client success, technical writing, customer support, platform technology, events, ISA services, and home value and lead management services. We all come together to deliver great products and services, and I truly enjoy working with my team. The Product team is comprised of great individuals, and we all manage to have some fun while serving our clients.

JW: That’s quite a lot. I want to talk about the new ISA fulfillment services.  How is that going?

LL: It’s going great! We have our own ISA team in house at the brokerage, and the tight feedback loop we experience results in quick progress in the scripts, processes, and technology used. As with other parts of our products, we’re working to test new ideas and implementations, and we’re doing that through a variety a methods. As we learn and get better, we roll that our to our clients and offer every solution we can to solve problems. Our ISA team is a great asset, and we enjoy calling on behalf of several of our RAMP clients with awesome results. I know we’ll continue to get better and excel, and the plans we have for the coming months are great!

JW: Lauren, thanks so much!