Keith Schuler is the Manager of RAMP Onboarding. In this interview with John White, he speaks about bringing new RAMP members success, beginning with their becoming familiar with NAEA’s tools and systems.

JW: Hi Keith, good morning. So how long have you been with NAEA? What do you do?

KS: I’ve been here with NAEA for 2 1/2 years. While I started in sales, I had the opportunity to help new members get started. I’m now Manager of RAMP Onboarding. My goal is to see people grow their business faster, and part of that means learning our technology and systems without delays.

JW: Quite a few real estate agents are just joining RAMP. How are you helping to onboard new members successfully?

KS: There have been quite a few recent developments. I now host weekly webinars on various aspects of the CRM. These webinars are then posted to Kajabi RAMP under the “CRM” tab, and also posted to the RAMP Facebook group. And as you know, I’ve done a short video, giving an introduction to Kajabi RAMP. The three onboarding calls are an important part of the process, too, and we cover topics like how to correctly register lead notes, lead importations, touch plans, adding tasks, and more.

JW: Yes, I’ve posted it in Kajabi RAMP, with introductory materials. And what are some of the learning curves you’ve seen in RAMP? What can new agents do to be successful?

KS: As soon as possible, learn to become very proficient using the CRM. Recently, we made quite a few improvements to its functionality, to help our RAMP members work much more efficiently and increase their productivity. Data augmentation is doing so much now, for example, – it really can make such a difference. There’s a lot that the CRM can do, but because it can do so much, there’s a learning curve to it. And we want them to make use of the training materials in Kajabi. Of course, as we’ve all seen here at NAEA – and this is a theme we’ve talked about in recent newsletters – the more people are willing to make the phone calls, the greater their success in RAMP will be.

JW: Thanks so much, Keith. Keep adding value.