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You’re about to learn about some small, yet incredibly impactful actions that will create an avalanche of change in your business. That being said… you’re going to need to pay extra close attention!


This interview digs into one of the most important (yet often most overlooked) aspects of engaging with a buyer. You’ll have to understand this to be a mega successful real estate agent:


Wally Bressler, premiere real estate coach for The National Association of Expert Advisors, is one of the BEST to learn this from. He actually trained Michael Reese and Jay Kinder’s teams, who have dominated their market in Frisco, TX.

After all, Wally himself had 77 closings in his first 14 months of business, and been in the game since 1990. Wally has been the keystone for NAEA’s Elite coaching agents to launch into six figures and beyond.

What’s more… Wally is one of the nicest guys around. He is passionate about helping Agents succeed and has a quick-witted and socially intelligent approach to real estate coaching.

He’s always willing to share his deep understanding of real estate and mindset, but, Wally is usually booked solid so this interview is a real treat.

You’ll discover exactly what key mindsets he teaches to leaders in the real estate industry.

How to WIN Over the Buyer

Be the first to contact them.

You have an 82% of chance of doing business with the prospects if you contact them first. You must contact them immediately at the time of information request, or reduce your chance of doing business by 21 times!

Be prepared mentally, emotionally, and psychologically.

How do you do that? Scripts, scripts, scripts. Be prepared by practicing your scripts over and over again.

At Ultimate Mastery, Tony Robbins said, “The number one way to build rapport with somebody is physiological between body movements and pace and timber and tone.” Some of that we have available to us over the phone but most of it we don’t.

So that means you’ve got to be on your game — your confidence, your excitement, your willingness to help — has to come through on the phone. You can’t do that if you just plop down, pick up the phone and start dialing.

You’ve got to get in the right state of mind.

It doesn’t take that long, but you’ve got to be there. Be emotionally present. This is the biggest problem that we had for our agents when they first started. The scripts worked so well that every buyer was like, “Yeah, I want a free list of properties, I’ll come in.”

And then the buyer hangs up, and all of a sudden their spidey sense starts tingling and they’re like, “Something wasn’t right about that call.” And the buyer wouldn’t show up.

It could be it wasn’t the right time for that person. It could be something came up, it could be whatever. However, I firmly believe that there was something about the call.

Either the salesperson didn’t sound confident or it wasn’t compelling enough. It just didn’t sit right.

Have a goal of this call to “set an appointment” mentality.

NOT to sell over the phone. You cannot successfully sell homes over the phone.

Get into the mindset of having more control of the relationship with your buyer prospects.

Have the mindset of having more control of the relationship

Get them sign a buyer agency agreement. That’s your mentality once they are in your office.

There are conversations you can have with somebody who signed a buyer agency agreement that you can’t with someone else. You can have them make decisions. You can lead them to conclusions that you can’t lead somebody else to.

Have the Mindset of Pre-Framing the Value You Will Bring Upfront!

By doing this, you’ll have ­­increased earning opportunities with transactions processing fees, and the ability to negotiate a higher commission for yourself.

It’s just not as easy after somebody sees a house they like, and you say, “Oh yeah, by the way, my fee is 3.5% apples, and we’ve got a 395 apple transaction processing fee.”

They are like, “Whoa there, I just want to buy the house. I don’t want to pay all this stuff to you.”

If you sign the buyer agency agreement and you’ve demonstrated value, and you show them all the things they’re going to get. For example, the home warranty, title insurance, and selling for free after 12 months.
You’ve invested time and energy; you’ve already mentioned the transaction-processing fee. They knew the commission.

When it’s time to write the offer it’s just a matter of saying, “Okay, here’s how we put it together.”

It just a lot easier for you. Agreed?

Key Mindsets For Winning With Buyers

1) Be the first to contact them.
2) Be prepared mentally, emotionally, and psychologically by using scripts
3) Get into a state of confidence… don’t just plop down and start dialing.
4) Have a goal of this call to “set an appointment” mentality
5) Once they’re in the office, aim to have more control in the relationship with a buyer agency agreement.
6) Preframe what value you will bring, including what your commission is UPFRONT.

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