Do you remember getting ready for your first date as a teenager?

You slaved over what to wear and picked out the perfect spot. You spend every cent of your allowance on dinner and a movie, or maybe you just went to a park…

Then, you opened the car door. She hopped out. And…. Not a single word of thanks.

How did that make you feel?

She didn’t say thanks because you might have made a seemingly small, but serious mistake along the way. It’s really the same in the way you treat your clients.

There’s a lot of things your are doing right, but there may be a few little things you might be doing wrong that you’re not even aware of.

And the result?

Agents are throwing away their hard-earned money  by making these “little mistakes.” Let’s be honest. It takes a TON of time and effort to attract a client, right?

You hunt and chase, spend countless hours cracking the code on real estate Facebook ads… you put in a ton of effort honing your message. Then, when you finally get a client, there are pitfalls that are costing you return business.
The problem is, 87% of clients will NEVER tell you about it.

These are the 10 Ways that guarantee that you will lose a client AND FAST! If you keep making these mistakes, you’re either going to slave away constantly trying to generate new clients, or be like 33% of real estate agents that go out of business.It’s that simple.

How To Lose a Client in 10 Ways


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