Meet Michele Trost-Hall…

Michele is a highly successful real estate professional in a city of around 60, 000 people. She is also a prestigious member of the National Association of Expert Advisors Mastermind, as well as a member of NAEA’s Millionaire’s Club.

But it wasn’t always like that.

How Michele’s Success Began

Michele first got started in real estate in 1999 in Casper, Wyoming, where the average sales price in her market was $52, 000.

Early in her career Michele had many obstacles that she had to overcome.

In her own words… “I came from nothing! No car, 4 kids. I’ll do 300 transactions this year. It’s incredible!”

Michele went from having a single team member, an Admin Assistant, to managing over 25 different ISAs, sellers agents, buyers agents, and admins.

How NAEA Played a Pivotal Role In Her Success

In July 2009 Michele and her husband built a 20, 000 sq.ft building with the thought of “if they build it, they will come.”

… and in early 2010 they joined NAEA with a goal of becoming an Olympic-sized real estate team.

In her own words, “[NAEA] started my practice.”

The NAEA systems and processes were very motivational to achieving the goals that Michele wanted to accomplish throughout the years.

As with most agents, and in reality, most professionals, time management was always one of the things that she had a problem with. By utilizing NAEA coaching, she was able to hire team members for the non-dollar productive areas of her business, allowing her to step out of them, so she can focus on and grow others.

Michele realizes that continual training and education is a real issue, that’s why she sends all of her agents to the NAEA Bootcamp to get NAEA’s scripts, get the marbles out of their mouths, and become masters at their craft.

But don’t take out word for it, check her out here…