Remember that moment when Crocs became a fashion trend?

You probably had, at least, one friend who got really into them. Not so bad, as long as your friend is slugging around in the mulch and daisies. But, would you let your friend wear them on their first date? How about to an important business meeting? Friends don’t let friends wear crocs on a company pitch.

And, friends don’t let friends make these 3 mistakes in their real estate business.

Here are three things that just have to stop in 2016.

1) Out-Dated Website

Agents are killing us with this one. Most buyers, young and old alike, buy more on the internet than ever before. Buyers and sellers are relying on the internet for ALL of their major financial choices.

Even when buying a computer, a client will launch into a full-scale meticulous comparison on every statistic, price point, and customer review.

When clients are buying a house, they are going to launch an online search like they are about to become an FBI agent. Make sure every piece of your website is up to date. Also, it’s time to put your work descriptions in Facebook. If you want more referrals from your friends and family, make it easy for people to find your facebook.

The out-dated website is why this next one has to stop too.

2) Bad Staging Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words…  Please, let the dimly lit accidental selfies end. Internet marketing is only going to increase. The days of half-hearted real estate photography are at an end. Even photos of your lunch are in High Definition. Your seller’s house should be, too.

3) 1980’s Glamor Shot Style Headshots

You’ve seen them before. You and your friends might even have them. It’s time to dress like a professional, get rid of the fake background, and bring your headshots into this century.

Long gone are the days of sitting on a stool in front of a backdrop, tilting your head slightly to the left, and smiling as cheesily as possible. Hire a photographer to shoot some photos of you in your workplace, or in an easily recognizable area of the community in which you work!

Taking your game to the next level in your marketing this year can be simple. In fact, it’s often the details that get us. Clean up these three things will be like plugging up holes on your ship. Once their fixed, you’re ready to set sail.