Real Estate brokers are often on their own to discover best practices and grow their business in a sea of over 1 million licensed real estate agents competing for ground in the US. Today’s real estate demands shift with the change of the market, industry and tools available. NAEA shares with 21st Century Television how their tested and proven methods are increasing success in the form of higher profits or more efficient processes.

“Naturally successful people are always looking for a better way, ” notes Michael Reese Co-Founder of NAEA, “and I think that’s really what NAEA is built around – always finding a better way.”

NAEA offers real estate brokers a roadmap to create a clearly laid out plan for their business direction. NAEA is the first to offer an all-in-one solution to cover the multitude of needs a busy real estate agent is scrambling to cover, including important advice and proven methods directly from the Co-Founders of NAEA — successful agents who are still active in the real estate market.

“The average real estate agent only sells 6-8 homes a year and consumers are leaving their largest investment they ever make in the hands of amateurs.  As innovative models offering lower compensation less service enter the industry, real estate agents are struggling to differentiate their value. That begs the question….will this be the death of the real estate agent as we know it?” says Jay Kinder, Co-Founder of NAEA. “The National Association of Expert Advisors is an exclusive real estate association for real estate agents and brokers who are interested in becoming an Expert Advisor that adds value to the customer experience while building a reputable seven figure business. We only teach what is proven to work in our own businesses so we are providing our members with the tools to differentiate yourself along with the business principles for how to build your business step by step so you can live the life of your dreams.”

21st Century Television’s Vice President of Programming J.L. Haber “The tools needed to succeed in the competitive real estate industry are not provided during the licensing process – that’s where NAEA is able to step in and offer valuable experienced advisory services to aspiring realtors.”

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