It speaks for itself…

There’s nothing that gets on our nerves more than sub-par traditional real estate agents.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the person, it’s what they stand for…or worse, what they don’t stand for.

They are handling the largest investment in someones life and they simply slap a price tag on the house and stick a sign in the yard with no real value being delivered to the client and no guidance being given to them to maximize the return on their home.

The average real estate agent only sells 7 homes a year, that’s less than one home every other month.

If you had to get a surgery to save your life, would you choose a surgeon who had years of experience and had performed hundreds of successful surgeries with a system that works or would you choose a surgeon who had done a handful of surgeries and just cross your fingers and hope that everything works out ok?

The answer is obvious…

Wouldn’t you want to be expert that attracts clients? Or the one that stumbles into a few home sales each year?

The NAEA provides a proven repeatable system backed by market research to sell a home for up to 18% more than the methods of traditional real estate agents.

Here’s a great example of how NAEA Expert Advisor Andrew Mulholland is leveraging the Association and it’s proven repeatable system to differentiate himself and dominate his market.