Ok, so here’s what we’re going to do…

In 10-minutes or less, learn how you can make an extra $250, 000 by selling real estate.

This is the most valuable thing that we could possibly teach anyone.

Jay Kinder, CEO & Co-Founder of the NAEA has been on over 4, 235 listing appointments, having listed over 3, 121 homes in his career.

Over the years he has found out exactly what works and what doesn’t work.

He has grown teams to over 22 agents working directly under him using the same philosophy that he is going to break down for you in the videos below… and he has been able to successful step out of his business and let it run without him.

Jay is going to show you the basics and principles of going on listing appointments…

Appointments set from FREE Leads.

Step #1: Mastering the 7 Success Factors


We’re going to discuss how a popular tool that most real estate agents use has become obsolete.

But first…

So you lost. Why?

Jay calls every listing client he loses to find out.

(This is one of his keys to success in real estate!)

What he found out was shocking… Everyone seemed to have a magic bullet in their gun except for him.

“They loved everything you had to say. Everything made sense.”

But they listed with someone else.


It all boils down to the magic bullet…

Step #2: The Magic Bullet: How to Collapse Time in Building Rapport

  The competition crusher… Find out, in under 5-minutes, how to completely crush your competition. It’s all about being different. How to differentiate yourself from your competitors by advising your clients on how you would benefit THEM more than any one of your competitors.

Step #3: The Finishing Move: The Death of the CMA