Revolutionizing The Real Estate Industry

At the National Association of Expert Advisors®, we’ve dedicated ourselves to a single purpose: to revolutionize the real estate industry. It is our dedication to the industry that leads us down this journey and our passion that drives our every action.

We live out this calling (some say obsession) by creating or finding the systems, tools, and technologies that can help a real estate agent distinguish themselves above the average frustrated agent into a true Expert Advisor in the real estate industry.

We Have A Unique Mission

The mission of the National Association of Expert Advisors® is to revolutionize the way consumers buy and sell real estate by providing the highest standards in specialized knowledge, skills training and advisory counsel to the highest class of real estate agents in the nation. Consumers will experience exceptional professional services, guidance, and advice that is best for their current real estate situation.

An Expert Advisor

Welcome to the highest level of expertise in the real estate industry. With the average real estate agent only selling around six homes per year and the threat of an ever changing economy, it is time for a new breed of real estate agent.

The Certified Expert Advisor™ has emerged as the leader in specialized knowledge, specialized skills and advisory services in the real estate industry. When it comes to your career, you can no longer be classified as just a mere real estate agent. That mediocrity is destined for extinction.

Passionate, experienced agents across the country are learning how to be the preeminent choice for buyers and sellers engaging in the real estate market today.

The Expert Advisor™ is the real estate agent of choice to professionals, business owners, community leaders, doctors and lawyers who understand that to run a real estate business you must have the highest level of specialized knowledge, a solid track record of success and the systems and resources to execute a proven plan.

From Small Beginnings

Our story begins the same way many small business stories do with an idea and a dream. On a flight to a real estate conference, the co-founders Jay Kinder and Michael Reese had an idea to write a book titled “Coachable” and from there Kinder Reese Real Estate Partners was born to teach agents the proven and repeatable processes that can help any agent become successful.

Kinder Reese started out selling Real Estate websites as the main solution to struggling agents’ problem, however they quickly discovered there is more of a need to help agents on a larger scale. Together, Jay and Michael built up a the one-on-one and self paced coaching platforms known as Elite Agent Coaching and Rock Star Real Estate Coaching.

The following of Kinder Reese started at 19 members gathering in Lawton, Oklahoma for the very first “conference” to over 600 members in attendance in 2010 at the Exponential Growth Summit™.

In 2011, Jay and Michael felt there was something bigger that agents would be a part of to revolutionize the real estate industry at an even larger scale and pace and so they co-founded the National Association of Expert Advisors®. Now, in 2013, the National Association has a following of over 40,000 agents throughout the United States and Canada with over 87 events and nearly 2000 in attendance throughout a single calendar year.

Together, the members of the National Association of Expert Advisors® will help revolutionize the real estate industry by creating a standard of excellence through the differentiation of the Expert Advisor in the market place throughout the industry by the proven, repeatable systems that are backed by market research to help home buyers and sellers get more out of their real estate transaction.