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Client Testimonials

"My first year I sold 26, then I hooked up with these guys and this year we’ll do 275. It’s been an awesome ride. Jay and Mike are always seeking knowledge. I just love what these guys have done for me. It has taught me how to be the true CEO of my business. I am confident that Jay & Mike have gotten me in 4 years where it would have taken me 10 years on my own."
Lars Hedenborg Charlotte, NC
"NAEA's coaching has literally changed my life. A year ago, although I was selling 40 homes per year, I was still second guessing even staying in this profession as it was always a fight and struggle and I felt as if I was just treading water. If it wasn't for you who knows where I'd be. I can't say thank you enough."
Mark Maniha Cypress, TX
"In the beginning, I was a one trick pony. Now, I take a few phone calls here and there. I show up at the office because I want to, not because I have to… and I take a week vacation every month. We went from 50-60 transactions to this year; where we’re going to put right about 310 on the board."
Jeff Cook Charleston, SC

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