NAEA Mastermind

If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together ~ African Proverb

After reading The Third Wave, authored by Steve Case it was clear that we are on the right path. The window is open. We have to jump through it. We have to put all our fires together to make one big fire.

There is no greater investment than the investment of time with people who love you, challenge you, and push you to become a better version of yourself. People who love you enough to hold you accountable. People who challenge you to think bigger than your vision, and people who push you to be a better leader, father, mother, husband, wife or friend. These relationships last a lifetime and the magical moments that are created when you are together last a lifetime. That is what this group is about. It’s not about our vision, it’s about a bigger vision. Can we align and do something bigger? Can we make a bigger impact together than apart? Those are the questions we will challenge you to think about. We’ve assembled the biggest, brightest, and craziest with a goal of building a multi-billion dollar brand. It’s not what you think.   

A Better Way...

For the last 18 years we’ve been pushing the industry forward. Saying over and over…... “There’s got to be a better way”. Well there is a better way.

If you had 10 million in the bank, would you show up to the office tomorrow? Do you still love the business like you used to. Are you tired of the revolving door of agents in your office? Low producers? Prima Donnas wanting higher splits? 7th Level a bit more elusive that you thought it would be? Have you experienced the “B Slap” yet?

Sure, you’ve built an amazing company, have an amazing culture, and have some great people…...but something is missing isn’t it? Yeah….we know the feeling.

This opportunity started as a Mastermind. We created this group as exclusive per market territory because we believed that we would find a way to put all our fires together as one big fire and do something special together. That opportunity is here and the time to get involved is now.

In 2006, Jay Abraham advised us to go down the path of partnering with agents. It took us 10 years to make it a reality and now it is an 8 figure opportunity for those who are interested in partnering with NAEA.

One of the most valuable qualities in a mentor is their consistent push back on how you think about your business. Without Jay…...we may have never seen this opportunity. So as you read this I am going to ask you to ask yourself “Where am I wrong about my business model?"

"Mastermind is just incredible, the association of the peer group and these people who are just out there in different markets just going for it, is really inspiring. It's by far the best investment I've ever made in my business."

"This Mastermind has brought more value than any of the coaching programs I've been in combined! This isn't just about love, its about profitability, going to the next level with your business. These guys care more about their clients than any other coaching company I've ever coached with!"

"It has been just over a year and our sales have grown exponentially. We already have surpassed our GCI from all of last year by $68,000, have over $22 million on the books, $140K in capital reserves by the end of the month and are on track to do over 120 transactions and double our business for the 2nd straight year."

Brett Jennings

San Jose, CA

Albie Stasek

San Jose, CA

Chris & Drew

Red Deer, AB

Do You Have What it Takes?

Who This Opportunity is For...

  • Brokers/Owners producing 30M-200M in volume
  • Annual GCI Minimum of $1M
  • Out of Production or in Relentless Pursuit of 7th level
  • Tired of the consistent grind with buyer agents/listing partners
  • Growth Mindset
  • Coachable
  • Humble Implementers
  • Fire in Your Belly
  • Passionate Opportunist  
  • Work Hard Play Hard
  • Leader who create leaders





The Lid on the Team Model

We’ve been examining the best of the best in real estate now for the last ten years.  We are also responsible for coaching and consulting hundreds of agents to over 1 million in GCI.  This isn’t to say that we are the reason these agents have been successful, but for many of them we have been the catalyst.  When we started this group we focused on profitability.  It’s been shocking to see how many agents don’t have a financial model in place and are making decisions without real time data.  This is due to the many fragmented systems in real estate.  Attempting to use 7-8 technologies and 25 google docs to track your business is nearly impossible to “predict” and make good decisions.  Sound familiar? This business is about profit and sellability.

The Sellability Lid

Once you are in the 1-5 million GCI range you have built a brand in your market. No doubt. It doesn’t mean it’s a brand you can scale or expand, and we will talk more about that later, but you are a brand in your market.   Does that make it sellable?  Have you ever seen a real estate team sell? What kind of multiple?  If you have send it to me.  We spend our entire lives building these empires, grinding it out, only to watch it dwindle down as we think about getting out of the business. Most of us have no plan or exit strategy.  

If you own your own brokerage you should be grooming it for an exit even if you have no plan to ever sell it.  If you work under a franchise and don’t own the franchise you are at high risk of building something with no tangible value.

The Buyer Agent Productivity Lid

For years we’ve struggled to try to solve the agent productivity challenge in our business.  We’ve hired showing agents, we’ve salaried agents, we’ve given lower splits, higher splits, sideways splits, you name it…..we’ve tried it.  All in an effort to maintain maximum profitability and scalability as we continue to grow.

Want to know where the lid is?  Production of your buyer agents.  Let me prove it to you.   How many deals did you do last year?  Take out your production number if you are still in the business.  Divide that number of deals by the number of agents and then divide by 12 months.  Is the number 2?   It’s almost a guarantee that if you are honest….you will come up with 2 deals per month per agent.   That kind of production is unacceptable from our standards yet you will find it within every top producer in the country.  Want to know how to get to 400 transactions? Subtract the 100 deals you did and the remaining will need 12 agents.  How about 1,200 transactions…….You just need 60 agents.  (You are out of production obviously)

I know what you are thinking.  Susie is averaging 5-6 deals a month right.  Tell me you aren’t worried about her wanting to leave.  The average is still 2 isn’t it.  I’ve seen these numbers as high as 3-4 in rare cases by super process driven leaders.  Rare, but they exist…….not easily sustained.

Then… sheep, we hire agents and build a team. Hell, we coached every one of our clients to do it.  It’s how we built our businesses too.  We were like sheperds.  Come on everyone….give away that margin to these buyers agents.  Then what… started a daycare.  They need you for everything. 

Not just accountability…...babysitting.  Now you are committed to this team model. Unknowingly…..building a trap that will keep you in the business babysitting.  Look up ten years later and you’ve built something significant, you are one of the top agents in the market, one of the most respected, moved loved.   Now go look at your bank account.   How much liquid cash do you have?  Now, don’t get me wrong….if you have an average sale price over $250k you have room in this model to stack some cash…..but if you are under $250k it’s a little tougher to step out isn’t it.

Why is it the average is always 2?  Think back to when you didn’t have buyer agents.   You take a listing, get a sign call and you would sell your own listing, or flip them to one you had coming soon or you’d sell them another one you just showed.  Double dipping and making money all day.  It was a grind….but man it was quick money.  When you sold someone’s house you didn’t give that buyer to someone… you went and sold them another house.  Am I right? 

It shouldn’t be a surprise to us that the average is 2 per month.  Most of us don’t allow our buyer agents to list.  So they don’t double end deals.  Most of our listing partners don’t take the buyer calls on their listings…..they go into some kind of round robin to feed the buyer agents. Is that what is best for them? Do they know each listing like you used to when you spent all that time with the seller?

This isn’t how we were successful yet we are frustrated with these agents for not producing more.  After all, we do sooooo much for them. Right?   We give them leads don’t we.
If you own your own brokerage you should be grooming it for an exit even if you have no plan to ever sell it.  If you work under a franchise and don’t own the franchise you are at high risk of building something with no tangible value.

The Home Search Buyer Lead Lid

What is a lead?  Someone who does a home search and then we chase them down hoping to convince them with our customized script we train our agents to use?  So what percent of those leads actually close?  1-2 %  The best of you…...3-4%.  If you think it’s more then you either A. don’t have bulletproof tracking in place or B. are counting the leads in the database that have been searching for months in your conversion.

For this to be predictable and scalable you have to look at how much you spend this month, how many leads you get, and how many go under contract this month from that batch of leads.  The reason you have to look at it this way is because someone who bought this month who first did their home search four months ago isn’t easily scaled.  Meaning you can’t easily point to those actions taken to make that predictable in a financial model.  More on the model, scalability, and a major breakthrough on lead generation later.

If you are looking to “expand” your business with home search leads you are dead.

First, you have to take your eye off your main business, then you pull a key leader in to help launch in a new area putting, then you have to buy another platform (if available) and none of this is scalable.  It’s a pipe dream.  Don’t get me started on expanding with FSBO and Expired prospecting. The answer is obvious but not if you are thinking conventionally.

The Secret to Breaking the 2,000 Transaction Lid

It’s never been done and it will never be done with the traditional team model.  Just like an engine that has been modified to it’s full capacity, the team model starts to peter out at 500 transactions.  Sure, we’ve seen 1,200 but like I said, it’s a herculean effort and requires expert level organizational structure, great hiring skills, compensation breakthroughs, and a high level of sophistication in technology execution and financial modeling….all to manage 60 agents doing two deals a month with turnover rates that make hiring, recruiting, and training average agents the key to success.  Someone please shoot me now.

So how do you get to 2,000 and beyond? First you have to recognize that you are trying to solve a different problem.  This isn’t just about doing more transactions.  It’s about doing it in a way that is scalable and predictable.  Something that hasn’t been done in the history of real estate.  Let’s take a look at our first market for example.  Dallas/Fort Worth is a huge market.  There are 210,000 transaction sides annually. Given the fact that I’ve personally experienced having 14% market share in the Lawton Oklahoma market, surely we can get a minimum of 1% market share in DFW right?  

We can…..and profits will exceed $7 Million annually.  You have to understand that if you control data and can predict sales, the value of that data reaches far past the real estate commission, mortgage and title.  We have to think like a billion dollar company if we want to be a billion dollar company.  

So how are we doing it?  First, we divided DFW into 22 MSAs and asked the question “How do would we generate 3-5 closed transactions in each of these MSAs every month?” This was after we invested over $200,000 over 18 months doing everything the wrong way.

We were shocked when we learned what was the most scalable, predictable and profitable way to deliver deals to partners in a specific MSA.

With our newly recruited silicon valley CFO building all of our technologies, reporting and data into a real time  financial model, we learned a few things.

The financial model allowed us to use business assumptions to see what the outcome would be as we scaled, allowing us to stick to a plan that was long term…..MUCH more profitable than we anticipated.
This allowed us to align compensation to A-level talent as well as build in profit sharing for multiple levels so we could create a MASSIVE opportunity at the regional and area level so we can scale quickly.
As we invested in delivering listing opportunities to our partners we were able to show them exactly what to expect as far as ramp time for us to be delivering deals to them. (Manage expectations)
We could pivot on a daily basis. We were seeing issues show up in real time and could isolate the real problem that needed to be solved with precision accuracy and see the result of that change in the model the next day….as well as the long term effect of those improvements in the model over time. This is very inspiring when everyone on the team can see the long term impact of their daily efforts.
Out of frustration, pure insanity, and a relentless pursuit of a better way, we decided to decentralize our Brokerage from NAEA, give it the resources it needed to be successful and execute on this new business model. 




Solved ...

Financial Model

How do you evaluate opportunity?  In silicon valley there are some rules that must be followed.  You must have a financial model that shows how you plan to grow the business and then you must prove it.  Everything we tell you can be backed up in the financial model with proof with a very high degree of confidence it will scale. For our Partners we have all the data in the model. Everything in your business will transform into a cloud based real time reporting machine.  This is the only way to execute on a billion dollar opportunity and you will never question “Is this working?” in your business.

Differentiated Buyer Proposition

A buyer doing a home search is not a lead.  It’s just a home search.  They don’t see you as value. They don’t even want to talk to you.  This way of marketing is expensive and doesn’t scale.

Scalable Listing Opportunities

This is the heart and soul of what we do.  After months and months of proof in many different MSAs we

Training, Coaching and Support

NAEA serves as the hub for all partners, and provides the training, back end support, differentiation, marketing, and much much more through our family of companies.

It’s no secret that cost per lead drives cost to acquire a customer.  Rather than join the army of “home search” platforms in the market that are constantly and consistently driving up lead costs we built the first consumer facing lead gen platform of its kind. One that attracts buyers, positions you and your MSA partners as the “Go to Expert” in their given marketplace.  We are currently generating over 30,000 leads a month through and our product roadmap has many more differentiated buyer lead generation pillars that we are building to scale buyer lead generation for our partners.

We are even investing in the first response team to call these leads and delivering them to our referral partners as Verified Contacts.

have dialed in, literally, how to build a predictable neighborhood to neighborhood process that creates 46 new listings per year at full ramp.  This required complex solutions in compensation, people, data, technology, and leadership.  

Imagine recruiting local partners with the ability to deliver 2-3 listings taken every month like clockwork.

Erin Catron

Punta Gorda, FL

"Everybody here is just awesome, they take you in like you’re one of them and they treat you like family and I just love it. It has been unbelievable for my business and actually for all of my relationships across the board!"

"I realized that the right thing is to focus on was building good culture, having good people on your team, and being profitable. If anybody out there is wanting to get into Mastermind and willing take their business to the next level, this is the best place to be."

"It's very empowering being around these people and hearing what they say and learning some of these concepts. To be able to Mastermind with them, to become the best with them, has just really been a phenomenal experience. To put it simply, to be the best you gotta be around the best."

Scott Neal

Dallas, TX

Corey Campbell

Baltimore, MD


The key to our success together and growing and expanding your current business will not happen until we execute the right business model.   

If you want to be a part of something special and have the rights to an area by partnering with us we’d love to talk to you.  This will  require an offsite two day focus where we dive deep into the model.  If you are serious about learning about this opportunity there is only one way.  Invest.  Invest your money and your time.  

We don’t have time for broke agents than can’t execute. We don’t have time for agents who aren’t aligned to our values.  We solve that by spending time together.  This is part of our vetting process.  
Fill out the application and if you qualify,  we will schedule a call to personally go over this opportunity. Our next meeting is scheduled for June 4-7 in the Bahamas.