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NAEA Momentum Coaching

Momentum Coaching is a  program designed to get you up and running in the right direction. This program is guaranteed to deliver results, fast!

Momentum is for agents and brokers who cannot seem to move past doing 3 to 5 deals a month and need a reliable and scalable lead generation system, a predictable client conversion process, the ability to articulate a differentiating value proposition to buyers and sellers, and a strategy for long term profitability.

This program serves a proven curriculum with a seasoned real estate coach who will guide members through the pitfalls and landmines in their business to success. After which these members will graduate to Elite Coaching.

Business Clarity

You’ll get clarity on what your daily priorities should be and coached to do the right things in the right order, so you can more efficiently manage your time and rapidly grow your business.

Lead Consistency

Get the same actionable turnkey systems and strategies that Jay, Mike, and the National Association of Expert Advisors’ most successful members use to generate predictable and sustainable leads.

Personal Accountability

A seasoned real estate coach will guide you through  the curriculum and fully support your training with script-based conversions, time management hacks, and proven income generation strategies.

"I want to personally thank you and NAEA for coming up with Momentum Coaching and also for your genuine concern for us. I can see it is bit challenging with 6 people to continually move forward but I believe you do an incredible job and your patience is outstanding. Kevin Trudeau says when you get that feeling like you did when you were little on Christmas eve. You know your on the right track... Old Santy can't get here soon enough for me. Thanks again for all you do. It does not go unnoticed."
Tim Rill
"I just got back from my listing appointment and I SLAUGHTERED the presentation but they didn't bat an eye at the $695! They are 4-6 weeks out to list due to some improvements needed but I will get the listing. They are not interviewing anyone else and they sought me out. Next time, the presentation will be better."
Rhonda McArthur
"Crushed another open house yesterday!  30-35 through the door.  So busy didn't even have time to change into my suit/tie!  14 registered buyer leads.  I also listed a $525,000 from the last one I did and it sold in 8 days. I’m ready to hire a buyer agent and I need your advice on how to do it right!"
Joe Dent

NAEA Elite Coaching

Elite Coaching is NAEA’s premiere One-on-One coaching program for those who are ready to partner with a highly successful real estate coach to scale up lead generation, hire and train staff (including sellers agents, buyers agents, and inside sales agents) and optimize team profitability and lifetime client value.

Elite Coaching is for agents and brokers who have a the fundamentals of their business in place and are now ready to scale up, implement or refine their team management plan, and are ready for a proven and repeatable strategy of success.



Compounded Profits

Get a dedicated real estate coach who will craft a custom roadmap to success that will keep you accountable to solving your business’s current bottlenecks and improving your cash-flow while dramatically increasing your profitability.

Office Scalability

Get a complete, step-by-step blueprint that will progressively remove you from the day-to-day operations of your business, so you can shift from reactively managing your day to proactively leading your business.

Predictable Revenue

Get a scalable and duplicatable business plan that will successfully create significant, sustainable, and predictable income for you, your team members, and your family.

How NAEA Coaching Client Al Stasek Doubled His
Transactions and Hit $1.125MM In GCI

"Just wanted to share a win with you. I’m happy to say that about 2 weeks ago our Team hit our 100th sale for the year (closed or under contract). That ‘s a big deal as it took us a full 8 months last year. This year we did it in 4.5. As you may recall, I asked you at the end of last year before we started Elite coaching together if you thought we could hit 200 sales in 2013 since we did 117 in 2012. You said yes and you believed it more than I did. I’m glad I trusted your opinion! Barring any major changes or challenges, we will break 200 sales this year."
Chris & Drew
"Guys, it is after 10:30 at night and I am working leads and listening to your Darren Hardy interview YET AGAIN. WOW! I am so impressed and please to be associated and affiliated with you guys and your organization! What an AWESOME video and what an awesome message. My Buyer agents are watching this as well to help them GET IT. I want them to grab onto the vision of where it is that we are going, and why. Thank you for doing the heavy lifting for us!"
Scott Ashbaugh
"I forgot to tell you this on the call. But I wanted to say sincerely Thank You for all you do, and all you've done for me. Your coaching has literally changed my life. A year ago, although I was selling 40 homes per year, I was still second guessing even staying in this profession as it was always a fight and struggle and I felt as if I was just treading water. If it wasn't for you... who knows where I'd be. I can't say thank you enough."
Mark Maniha

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